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More smishing messages in circulation

6 March 2019

Once again, many reports about scam text messages are coming in to Fraud Help Desk. This time, most of these smishing messages purport to come from leading Dutch banks Rabobank and Van Lanschot.

The text messages contain a link to the bank’s website. They urge recipients to click on the link supposedly to halt a payment, request a new bank card or for other reasons.

Here’s an example of such an scam SMS text message (click to enlarge):


The links in all these text messages direct to fake websites. People who enter confidential data on these sites, for example by logging in and providing a code, will disclose this information to criminals. These can then log in to the authentic sites by using victims’ data and freely transfer money from their accounts.

Other victims report that they were told to send in their ‘old bank card’. The scammers can then use this card and the PIN code they were given earlier to withdraw money from these people’s account.

Our advice
Please ignore any SMS text message purporting to contain important information from your bank. Trusted institutions like banks never send this type of information by SMS.

If you have entered your user credentials on a fake website following a text message posing to be from your bank, please contact your bank immediately before reporting to Fraud Help Desk.