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Scammers send ‘winning prize notification’

21 May 2015

Have you received an email with the subject line ‘Winning prize notification’? Don’t let this fool you. You haven’t won anything, and if you reply to this message, your personal details may fall into the hands of criminals. This is a case of lottery fraud, a type of advance-fee fraud.

Attached file
The message, supposedly sent by a certain Don Miguel Pablo Gregorio, tells the recipient to open a file attachment. It asks for personal details in order to claim the Euromillones cash prize. Don’t disclose your personal particulars, scammers may use them to commit identity fraud.

Criminals often ask for an advance payment to cover what they variously describe as taxes, legal fees, bank fees, etc. They say they will pay out the winnings once that payment has been made. People who comply with this request lose their money and never see any kind of ‘prize’.

More information on lottery fraud and a list of lottery names used in earlier scams can be found here.

If you receive the email described here (see example below) or similar fraudulent message, Please report to us if you’ve received a similar message. Click here for more information about phishing emails.

Here’s an example:

05-21 Wining-prize-notification 05-21 Wining-prize-notification-2