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Scammers pose as CrediFin collection agency

4 July 2017

Watch out when you receive an email purporting to come from CrediFin collection company. Scammers are sending out emails pretending to come from this company. Their aim: spreading malicious software.

The scammers inform recipients that they are due €318.45. This amount occurs in all reports about this email which have come in to Fraud Help Desk. The dossier number is the same in all emails, too: IN43902.

Here’s an example (click to enlarge):

The senders have tried their best to find a credible-looking sender’s email account. The authentic domain owned by CrediFin is The ones used in the scam emails have ‘netherlands’ or simply ‘bv’ instead of ‘nederland’.

The senders are looking to sow fear and are hoping that this will prompt recipients to click on the link given in the email. If they do, then they run the risk of having their machines infected with malicious software.

Our advice
If you have received this or any similar email, you can safely delete it. However, please contact CrediFin for verification if the email refers to a different dossier number or outstanding amount.