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Scam email from ‘ABN Amro’ about bank statement

26 January 2018

Don’t panic when you receive an email stating that € 355.70 will soon be withdrawn from your account.

A scam email purporting to come from leading Dutch bank ABN Amro is doing the rounds, informing recipients that they have authorised a certain company to debit this amount. If they haven’t given any authorisation, the recipients are told to click on a link given in the email. Don’t do this; this email has been crafted by scammers who are out to get your data.

The message may seem credible, because it is personalised and addresses recipients by their names. Besides, the names of a bank employee and a local office are given at the bottom. The office is often located in the recipient’s place of  residence. We have seen this before, in emails pretending to come from ING and Rabobank, for example.

Here’s an example of the email (click to enlarge):

Oddly enough, the senders haven’t tried their best to make the email look like an authentic ABN Amro email. Apparently, the scammers have simply reused the template of an old email from ING; it has the orange line that ING uses as its hallmark.

Our advice
Don’t be alarmed when you receive such email messages. Chances are that you’ll immediately recognise them as scam emails and trash them. When in doubt, make sure to ask for a second pair of eyes to confirm that the message is authentic.