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Scam alert issued by scammers

5 July 2017

It’s a good that banks are issuing warnings about scams. But beware, some of these warnings may have been crafted by scammers.

At present, two fake emails with the subject ‘internet fraud’ are doing the rounds. One looks like the corporate style of leading Dutch bank ABN AMRO, the other of another leading bank, Rabobank. Both call on ‘clients’ to protect themselves against fraud. The purpose of the mails is obviously to trick recipients into disclosing personal information (phishing). Here are some examples of these emails (click to enlarge):

Scam email from ‘ABN Amro’ Scam email from ‘Rabobank’

It is striking that the text in both emails looks very much the same. This may point to a single sender. However, the two mails differ on some key points. For example, the Rabobank’s client online login tool is called Rabo Scanner. At ABN AMRO, the device is called e.dentifier. The senders have adapted  their language to match that of the bank they are pretending to be.

Another remarkable feature that the two emails have in common: they are both signed by the same person (Frank S.), with the same signature.

Our advice
Always beware when you receive messages from a bank. The chances that they are fake are very high. Remember that criminals are keen to use topics like security and internet information in their messages. This helps them to look credible and trick recipients into providing the confidential data which they are looking for.