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Rolex giveaway on WhatsApp is a scam

29 March 2018

A giveaway supposedly from Rolex watches is currently making the rounds on WhatsApp. Don’t respond to this message. It’s a scam.

Written in English, the message says Rolex is celebrating its 100th anniversary and is giving watches away for free. The scammers who crafted this are aiming to reel in the personal data of WhatsApp users for advertising purposes.

A cursory look will give recipients the impression that more details of the giveaway campaign can be found on the authentic Rolex website. The hyperlink seems to start with On closer inspection, however, you can spot a dot underneath the o. This is a foreign symbol and hardly noticeable in cases where links are underlined. A similar trick was recently applied in a ‘giveaway’ supposedly from Nike.

Here’s an example of the WhatsApp message:


Our advice
Don’t respond to this giveaway campaign. If you do, you will be giving out confidential data to a dodgy advertising agency who will pass this information to undisclosed parties. And you will never know who will get their hands on your personal data.