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Remain alert to CEO impersonation fraud

27 April 2018


There is no let-up in criminal activity designed to defraud companies of large sums of money. These scams often start with a simple email.

The message typically asks for an international money transfer to be made. In many cases the payment involves many tens of thousands of euros.

In recent days, several such attempts have been reported. In all cases, the email subject line was ‘Bank payment’ [‘Bankbetaling’].

The email was sent to admin staff and had the name of the company director right at the bottom. This type of fraud is known as CEO impersonation scam. The sender’s address of the recent emails has invariably been

Here are two examples of these emails (click to enlarge):


Note that both messages have a ‘Sent from my iPhone’ [Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone] signature at the bottom.

The senders must have carefully studied the company’s website before sending their emails. All the companies involved have a web page listing the names of their employees and their positions.

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