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Ransomware spread via parcel delivery email

22 September 2017

Be vigilant when you receive notification by email about a parcel delivery, particularly if the sender happens to be a transport company. If you click on the links given in these messages, you risk having your machine infected with ransomware.

Several versions of this email have popped up, each time purporting to come from a different transport company. The names include Minderhout Logistics, Engelaar Logistics, Oostdam Logistics and Deutekom Logistics.

Here’s an example of an email which uses the name Vanassen Logistics (click to enlarge):

Chamber of Commerce information
The senders have done their homework; they collected quite a bit of information about recipients of the email beforehand. This was done to make the email look more convincing. The conmen used data provided by the Chamber of Commerce for this purpose. One organisation which reported the scam to Fraud Help Desk said the data in the message contained a little error, which also happens to occur in the database of the Chamber of Commerce.

Our advice
Please ignore this email. This is a scam, there is no parcel waiting for you.