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Powder letter sent to Dutch home sellers

19 September 2018

Several reports have come in to Fraud Help Desk this past week, sent by people who received a powder letter after putting their house up for sale.

A small plastic bag was stapled to the letter and some contained white powder and other bags had chocolate in them. Written in English, all letters were personalised, addressing recipients by name, and all use threatening language.

They state, among other things, that in future bags ‘the headache may be included’. Recipients can avoid this by paying € 150 in Bitcoin. Those who don’t respond are sent a ‘reminder’ in which the amount has gone up to € 200.

Here’s an example of the letter (click to enlarge):

Our advice
The police advise not to open any bag that contains powder attached to a letter sent to you. Instead, take the letter and the bag to your local police station.