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Phishing text message from ‘DHL’

23 October 2017

Be vigilant if you’ve received an SMS text message from DHL. It could very well be a scam. This time around, messages are circulating which reportedly contain a link to a website designed to get hold of your confidential details and ultimately your money.

The message notifies recipients that a shipment is on its way and only the customs duties need to be paid. This can be done via a hyperlink given in the message. The problem is that the link does not lead to a DHL website, but to a form on which bank details need to be filled out.

Here is an example:

Our advice
Ignore this text message. Are you really expecting a parcel from DHL? If so, please contact the delivery company, just to be on the safe side, and use the contact details on the official website. If you have clicked on the link and disclosed personal information, please contact your bank as soon as possible.