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Phishing scam targeting Zalando customers

24 November 2017

Con artists are currently targeting customers of the Zalando web store. They’re sending out emails designed to get hold of poeple’s confidential data. The emails contain a link which directs these customers to a counterfeit website.

The email informs recipients to ‘verify their account’. This, it says, is required because of the high number of registered spam accounts. Of course, this is the sort of message that has been widely used by scammers. Don’t fall for it.

Here’s an example of this email (click to enlarge):

People who click on the link will be redirected to a counterfeit website, which looks like this (click to enlarge):


Our advice
Don’t respond to this email. It’s a scam. One of the red flags is the link given in the message to verify the recipient’s Zalando account. Hovering over this link with your mouse (without clicking on it!) will show you that this is not the web address you might expect. The scammers have used the URL shortener

If you have also received this e-mail, or another one that you do not trust, please forward it to before deleting it from your inbox.