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Phishing message from ‘Facebook’ about changed email account

12 January 2018

Beware when you receive an email purporting to come from Facebook about a changed email account; there are many scam emails about the topic doing the rounds.

This specific email notifies recipients that they have changed their email address. If they didn’t make this change and believe their account has been compromised, they are told to click on a hyperlink. After all, action is needed to secure their account, the sender adds. The email looks very similar to an authentic notification email from Facebook. Here is an example:

Our advice
Ignore this message, it’s a scam. Never immediately click on any hyperlink; first check the URL by letting your mouse hover over the linked text.

In this case, the scammers have done their best to make the linked web address look credible. Instead of it starts with Fazeboock.comyr. People who don’t look closely may think that it’s an authentic link.