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Phishing email from ‘Rabobank’ about IBAN name check

15 November 2017

Scammers are trying to cash in on Rabobank’s introduction of a double-check on name and bank account number. A phishing email is currently circulating about this subject.

Leading Dutch bank Rabobank is the first financial institution in the Netherlands to introduce such a check to verify whether the name of a particular payment recipient matches the account to which the money is transferred.

The message informs Rabobank clients that they need to sign up for this service. This is not the case. The senders of this email are only out to get hold of your personal information in a practice known as phishing.

Here’s an example of the email (click to enlarge):

The subject line reads: “we are the first to introduce the IBAN name check”[‘Wij voeren als eerste de IBAN-Naam check in’].

Our advice
Have you received this email or another message you don’t trust or think it is fake, please forward it to before deleting it from your inbox.