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Phishing email from ‘Rabobank and Consumers’ Association’

21 November 2017

Fraudsters have hijacked the names of Rabobank and the Dutch Consumers’ Association in a scam email. It creates the impression that the two organisations have issued a joint warning about contactless payment.  This payment method (without using any PIN code) is allegedly dangerous.

The subject of the email reads: ‘Media report in collaboration with the Consumers’ Association’ [‘Mediabericht in samenwerking met de Consumentenbond’].

Recipients are told that they can protect themselves against this type of fraud by applying for a new bank card. This can be done for free if they submit a request through a link given in the email. Otherwise, having their card replaced will cost € 14.95, according to the senders of the message.

Here’s an example of the email (click to enlarge):

Our advice
Please ignore this email. Rabobank nor the Dutch Consumers’ Association have anything to do with it.
If you have also received this e-mail, or another one that you do not trust, please forward it to before deleting it from your inbox.