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Parcel notification tricks people into calling premium-rate phone lines

13 February 2018

People living in a number of apartment buildings in the southern Dutch province of Brabant report they have been tricked into calling a premium-rate telephone number. They all received a letter informing them about a failed parcel delivery, supposedly by Parcel Service ADEO.

Because they were not at home at the time of the delivery, they received the letter asking them to make a new appointment. The trouble is that this one of those expensive 0909 numbers that will cost them dearly. The prefix is normally used for entertainment, such as games, phone-in quizzes or competitions.

Fraud Help Desk has received several reports about this trick. Regional broadcaster Omroep Brabant has posted a warning on its website.

Here’s an example of the letter (click to enlarge):

Strangely enough, the ADEO website says that the company is currently restructuring. The ‘courier service’ is listed with the Chamber of Commerce as a call centre. Moreover, it also seems that all letters have the same customer number.

Our advice
If you haven’t ordered anything, then please don’t’ respond to such requests. If you have any doubts about a certain letter with a telephone numbers in it, then you may want to do a Google search on the number. You will quickly get more information about the sender’s reliability.

If you’ve inadvertently called a premium-rate number, then please contact ConsuWijzer.