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New web address for counterfeit Tikkie website

19 January 2018

The fake Tikkie website which Fraud Help Desk warned of earlier this week has now resurfaced with a different web address.

At the time of the publication of this alert, this scam website is online:

Tikkie is a payment service launched by Dutch bank ABN AMRO. It allows consumers to send payment requests to friends and acquaintances via WhatsApp. Scammers have hijacked the app’s name to defraud people and make them disclose their banking information. This enables the scammers to empty their bank account.

How to spot a fake Tikkie website
The URL of the authentic Tikkie website is It has a green padlock in the address bar indicating that the site it secure. Counterfeit websites often (but not always) lack this icon. Also, many links on fake Tikkie websites usually don’t work.

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