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New wave of ‘Missed delivery’ scams

27 July 2017

Reports are pouring in to Fraud Help Desk about email messages carrying the subject line ‘Missed delivery (‘Levering gemist!’) or ‘New appointment for parcel delivery’ (‘Nieuwe afspraak voor pakketlevering’). Don’t fall for this trick: these emails contain malware.

The messages notify companies of a failed delivery attempt. They all have the full name and address details of your company, which makes them look very convincing.  You are told that you need to click on a hyperlink to make a new appointment. However, if you do this, your machine will probably be infected with a virus.

Here’s an example of these emails (click to enlarge):

At regular intervals, these and similar emails are sent out in large numbers, mostly in the name of non-existent transport companies. The names of these companies vary.

Our advice
Ignore these emails and delete them. There is no parcel waiting for you. So, don’t click on the link – not even out of curiosity. If you do, you will risk having your computer infected with pernicious software.