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New sextortion scam doing the rounds

19 September 2018

Scammers are sending out a new wave of porn blackmail scams. And it’s the same old trick and the same old message: recipients are told that they have been filmed watching pornography on their own webcams.

The footage supposedly shows the victim in the act of masturbating. The scammers threaten to send the video to the victim’s friends and relatives. To avoid this, a ransom of €1000 needs to be paid in Bitcoin.

Here’s an example of this sextortion email (click to enlarge):

The blackmailers are bluffing: Fraud Help Desk has yet to hear of a case in which the footage was actually recorded. It’s just a fake story used to blackmail people.

Our advice
Don’t pay if you receive such email. Forward it to before deleting it. Should you have paid, then please report to your local police.