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New ‘offer’ from EuroMedi doing the rounds

19 June 2018

Watch out when you receive a letter from EuroMedi. The senders of the ‘offer’ are merely trying to trick you into taking out a subscription.

EuroMedi is sending out letters to Dutch businesses with a form enclosed. The form contains detailed information about companies and their staff, creating the impression that they already have an agreement with this party. The recipients are kindly asked to check the data for errors before returning the letter.

However, the small print at the bottom reads that returning the form will create a subscription, which will cost no less than € 977 per year. Victims are unwittingly taking out a three-year subscription and must pay the entire amount in advance.

Fraud Help Desk previously warned of these EuroMedi practices in May 2016.

Here’s an example of the form (click to enlarge):

Our advice
Never put your signature under a document without reading it closely, even if it looks reliable and official.

If you have signed the form, then please remember that you have fourteen days to cancel the subscription. We advise you to send a registered letter.

If you have received a similar letter that you do not trust, please contact the Fraud Help Desk by calling (+31) (0) 88 786 7372.