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New Microsoft phone scam about ‘unique’ CLSID

6 November 2018

Have you received a telephone call from someone pretending to be Microsoft? Don’t fall for this scam: Microsoft never calls people. However, scammers will use all the tricks in the book to make you believe their story.

Microsoft phone scammers are only interested in one thing: getting access to your computer. And they’ll use different excuses to convince you that they really are from Microsoft. One of their most recent stories is about your computer’s CLSID number. This number, they claim, is only known to Microsoft and the owner of the computer.

In reality, this number is not unique at all.

Our advice
If you receive a telephone call about a problem with your computer, hang up immediately. If you really have a computer issue, please contact an expert and let them look at it.

Also: be vigilant whenever you look for online help. We’re receiving many reports about fake customer services.