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New fake invoice from Register Online

28 February 2017

Businesses should watch out for a new fake invoice from Register Online. It’s only an offer and there is no obligation to pay.

The invoice is reminiscent of a bogus bill supposedly sent by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce earlier this year.

The similarities are striking:

– The amount due is € 93
– The format is the same
– The text is almost identical

The previous fake invoice led people to believe that there was some kind of link with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, or KvK in Dutch). This prompted the Chamber of Commerce  to publish a warning, explaining that the KvK had nothing to do with this bill.

Oddly, the invoice is linked to a site which reads:

“Register Online is in no way associated with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce”.

By the same token, the general terms and conditions read says that the invoice is merely an offer, even though the ‘invoice’ reads ‘Payment reminder’ (Betalingsherinnering).

Our advice

If you have you received such a bill, please remember that you are under no obligation to pay. You can safely bin this ‘invoice’.

Here’s an example:

Register Online fake invoice

Register Online fake invoice