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New fake emails about ‘parcel deliveries’

30 November 2017

Scammers are sending out fake emails purporting to come from parcel delivery services in an attempt to spread malicious software. They are using various names such as Van Blijer Logistiek, Middelbos Logistiek and Van Nugteren Logistiek.

As far as Fraud Help Desk has been able to verify, these are not existing transport companies.

The scam emails inform recipients of a failed parcel delivery. They are told that they can now make a new delivery appointment by filling out a form. People who click on the link that supposedly opens the form run the risk of having malicious software installed on their machines.

Here’s an example of the scam email (click to enlarge):

Fraud Help Desk warned of this type of email scam a few months ago.

Our advice
Ignore these email messages. There is no parcel waiting for you. Have you received this email or another message you don’t trust or think it is fake, please forward it to before deleting it from your inbox.