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New bogus bill from ‘Office Smart’

30 June 2017


Scammers are once trying to dupe businesses by sending invoices pretending to be from a company called ‘Office Smart’, which supposedly sells office supplies. This time, the money due is said to be € 980.

The letter refers to a ‘Premier Pro Package’ agreed to by the recipient. But in fact, this is not an invoice, but an offer. This means there is no obligation to pay and you can safely bin this letter.

This bogus bill is reminiscent of a previous one sent by ‘Office Smart’ in November 2016. It also asked for € 980, for a ‘Premier Pro Business Package’.

Our advice
When receiving an invoice, make sure to read the small print closely. Scammers may try to trick you into paying by sending offers disguised as invoices. Don’t pay! If you do, you will have lost your money without getting anything in return.

Here’s an example: