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NBDR sends fake invoices

21 April 2015

The Fraud Help Desk is receiving reports about dubious invoices sent by Nederlandse Bedrijven Data Register (NBDR, or Netherlands Business Data Register). It is not the first time that this Arnhem-based operation is sending bogus bills. It is thought that the people who replied to the previous invoices are on the mailing list for the new ones too.

The small print on the bills which surfaced in July explicitly stated they were only offers, invoices. People who paid up found themselves stuck to an agreement which will be renewed automatically.

However, there is no small print on the fake NBDR invoices currently making the rounds. This would indicate that there is an obligation to pay, in line with the operation’s general terms and conditions.

If you have not received a previous offer from NBDR and if you haven’t paid anything, then you should contact the operation and ask them for a copy of the agreement. After all, the company must be able to provide evidence that there is a contract.

Have you received an ‘invoice’ like the one described? If so, please let us know.

Here’s an example:

Fake NBDR invoice

Fake NBDR invoice