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Mysterious scam giveaway from ‘Nike’

2 February 2018

A fake giveaway purporting to come from Nike sports brand is circulating on WhatsApp. The URL in the message seems to refer to, but there is something strange about it.

The N in the hyperlink is not the letter as we know it in our alphabet; it’s a symbol from another language that looks like our N. Here’s an  example:

On closer inspection, you will notice that the line underneath the address is interrupted below the letter N. The link directs to a different address:

Most people will receive the message from a friend, who was told to share the message with a number of people in order to be able to take part in the competition. This is how some devious advertising companies operate to get publicity for a specific brand free of charge and at lightning speed.

In reality, no shoes will be given away. The ‘giveaway’ only serves to tempt people to supply their personal details. People who have joined the ‘campaign’ are likely to receive a stream of marketing messages for various products and services they don’t want.

Our advice
Don’t respond to this or any similar giveaway campaign. This is a very dubious type of advertising. the information you provide will be shared with third party marketing companies and you won’t know who these are.

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