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Many complaints about reminders from ‘Incasso-collection’

16 January 2019

Scammers are sending out large numbers of emails supposedly from a collection agency called Incasso-collection. There are different versions of these emails doing the rounds, demanding payment of different amounts of money.

In these emails, the collection agency reminds recipients that they have failed to pay Enquetes Europe Ltd for taking part in a survey. It says participants were offered the chance of winning a prize. First they needed to pay € 0.99 upfront. As they failed to do so, they were given a penalty and now have to pay € 43.

The text of these messages is rather intimidating: recipients are told they will be summoned to court if they fail to pay immediately. A UK bank account number is given.

Some recipients have reported receiving a follow-up email a few days later, in which the amount has increased to € 821.38. People are told that failure to pay will result in the seizure of their property and bank account. Legal proceedings will be halted if they pay € 100 on the same day.

Here’s an example of these emails (click to enlarge).

Incasso-collection does not exist. The creditor is also fake and so are these emails.

Our advice
If you have received an email from Incasso-collection, please forward it to before deleting it from your inbox.

If you have paid, then please report to the police and to Action Fraud.