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More lucky winners in Google’s electronic online sweepstake

9 June 2015

Fraud Help Desk is receiving reports about a short email supposedly from Google. It claims that the recipient has been selected as one of the winners of the E-mail electronic online sweepstake. It’s not the first time that this particular ‘lottery’ has emerged in an email scam.

More information is given in the attached document. It explains that the recipient is one of the twelve lucky winners in a certain category. To claim the money, recipients need to contact a bureau. And they’re asked to provide personal details.

Don’t contact ‘Google’. This is a case of lottery fraud. Don’t disclose your personal data. Criminals may use this information to commit identity fraud.


Criminals often ask for an advance payment to cover what they variously describe as taxes, legal fees, bank fees, etc. They say they will pay out the winnings once that payment has been made. People who comply with this request lose their money and never see any kind of ‘prize’.

More information on lottery fraud and a list of lottery names used in earlier scams can be found here.

If you receive the email described here or a similar fraudulent message, please send it to us at and then delete it.

Here’s an example:

06-09 Google-09-06-15