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Losing money because of fake help centres

20 June 2018


Fraud Help Desk continues to receive reports from people who have been scammed by a telephone help desk. The irony is that all victims initiated contact with these fraudsters. They telephoned them because they were having problems with their computers and needed support.

The victims had Googled the name of the software programme in combination with the search term “help desk”. They clicked on one of the first search results, hoping to get some help from a real expert. Next, they called the Amsterdam number (area code 020) given and got an English-speaking person on the line, who turned out to be interested in only one thing: the caller’s bank account.

Similar to the Microsoft phone scam
As soon as the telephone conversation starts, the ‘tech support’ person applies a similar method as the infamous Microsoft phone scammers, who have made a name for themselves by cold-calling and defrauding unsuspecting computer users with devious tricks for many years. They persuade victims to give them remote access to their PCs. Once they’re in, they go straight to the victim’s bank account.

In November 2017, the Fraud Help Desk also warned of these fraudulent help centres.

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