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Ignore scam emails from ‘WeTransfer’

19 August 2017

Be careful when you receive an email telling you that someone you know has sent you a document via WeTransfer. These emails may be fake. At present, there are scam emails circulating posing to come from WeTransfer.

The subject of the fake emails is ‘[E-mail sender] sent you a file via WeTransfer’. The subject line gives the email address of the sender, which makes the message look reliable. Remarkably, however, the sentence is written in English; users in the Netherlands usually receive messages in Dutch.

Here’s an example of the email:

It’s not yet clear what happens when people click on the link given in the email. However, many people report that the message was automatically sent to people on their contact list after they clicked on the link.

Our advice
Authentic WeTransfer emails have a different format. So, should you receive an email purporting to come from this service, please compare it with previous emails from WeTransfer. The urls of all buttons or blue links in authentic emails start with