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Fresh reports about European Business Number pouring in

5 September 2017

European Business Number (EBN) is back. A large number of Dutch businesses have reported fake invoices from this ‘company’. Today alone, Fraud Help Desk has received several dozen reports.

These businesses have received a letter by regular mail, including a form with some details already filled in. The only thing they supposedly need to do is to check the form and send it back.

Many businesses think that, in return, they will receive a free subscription to an ad website. In reality, though, they will be stuck with an expensive subscription to a useless publication.

Here’s an example of the form (click to enlarge):

This is not the first time that EBN is sending out such forms. Fraud Help Desk published alerts about the practice in December 2016 and June 2017.

Our advice
There is no obligation to sign and return the form. Should you have signed it, then please remember you have the right to cancel any agreement within a period of 14 days. Do this by registered post or registered email and request confirmation of your cancellation.