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Fresh fake forms from European Business Number

10 December 2018

Once again, European Business Number (EBN) is sending out forms and letters to Dutch businesses, urging them to respond quickly. However, if they do, they will unintentionally sign a contract.

The letter includes a form with some pre-filled details of the recipient (see example below). This creates the impression that missing data must be filled in.

The accompanying letter requests additional data and needs to be signed. The form needs to be returned before a  certain date. A reply envelope has been provided, making it easy to respond to this request.

Once the document is signed, you will have entered into a three-year contract with EBN.

Our advice
There is no obligation to respond to this data verification request. Neither the letter nor the form comes from an official body.

Always check the sender of any email you receive. Read the whole letter carefully before you put your signature.

If you have you signed the letter, you can cancel the agreement by sending a registered letter. For more information, contact Fraud Help Desk.

Here’s an example: