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Fake traffic fine warning from ‘CJIB’

18 April 2017

Scammers are sending out email messages purporting to come from the CJIB, the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau or Central Fine Collection Agency – an executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands. The email uses the CJIB’s name and contains its logo.

The subject of the email is “Attention! Final warning relating to” [‘Let op! Laatste aanmaning inzake’]. It informs the recipient that they must pay an outstanding fine of € 115.52. The money must be sent to a bank account number given in the message. Watch out! Don’t do this. This is a scam.

Here’s an example of the email (click to enlarge):

Our advice
The con artists who have crafted this email are trying to fleece money from unsuspecting people. Don’t fall for this trick. Make sure you learn how to spot a fake email. Here are some clues to look out for:

  • The sender’s email account, which is odd in this example: It doesn’t even look remotely like an authentic CJIB account;
  • The money must be transferred to a Bunq bank account. CJIB only uses ING bank accounts;
  • Strange spellings. In this example, the city of Leeuwarden is written with a double ‘a’ (Leeuwaarden) and the word three is written as the number 3.