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Scam text message from ‘ABN-AMRO’ links to fake site

13 July 2018

Watch out when you receive a text message from your bank about a direct debit order. Scammers are currently sending out SMS text messages posing to come from ABN-AMRO bank.

The messages inform recipients that there’s a certain amount of money ready to be debited from their account. If they don’t want this, they can click on the link given in the message. That link leads to a counterfeit website.

Here’s an example of the text message (click to enlarge):

If you enter your bank details and a code on the fake website, you’ll be giving this information to criminals. They can use this data to log in to your bank account, and transfer money to their own account. Incidentally, these SMS text messages seem to be sent randomly, not just to ABN-AMRO customers.

Our advice
Ignore this text message. Your bank will never send any SMS text messages about payments. If you have any doubts, then please call your bank or Fraud Help Desk, at +31 (0)88 – 7867372.