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Fake messages from ‘Vodafone’

16 October 2018

Have you received an SMS text message or a telephone call from Vodafone? If so, be on guard, because the name of this provider has been hijacked in cold calls and text messages, which contain phishing links.

The text messages look very ‘authentic’, because they give Vodafone as the sender’s name.

Here’s an example of one of the fake text messages (click to enlarge):

In terms of content, the messages differ slightly from each other. Some are about a technical defect, others ask recipients to verify their account. If you click on the link given in these messages, you will be redirected to a counterfeit website that looks identical to the real Vodafone login page. Only a code is sent in a limited number of these text messages. Recipients are told that they are to give this code when they are called by Vodafone.

This is the real Vodafone login page (click to enlarge):

And this is the counterfeit page; the only difference is the URL (click to enlarge):

If you enter your credentials on this page, you will give criminals access to your account. For example, the scammers can order telephones in your name, and you will receive the bill.

Our advice
If you have received such a message or a similar one, please contact Vodafone directly using the number given on their official website. Make sure to change your login details immediately. If products have been ordered in your name, please file a report with the police.