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Fake letter from ‘Fraudehelpdesk’ doing the rounds

9 June 2017

Scammers are sending out a letter purporting to come from Fraud Help Desk. Of course, our offices in Apeldoorn have nothing to do with this letter.

It is unclear what the sender or senders are hoping to achieve. They may be phishing for personal details.

The letter informs recipients that one of the clients of Fraud Help Desk has been ‘hit by a system hack’. As a result, their confidential details have been leaked, as have those from people living in the same area. The letter includes a list of names of people living close to the recipient. We hope the damage will be limited, the letter adds.

The recipients are asked to help the investigation into the alleged hack by providing certain available information. It is unclear, though, how they should proceed. The only contact data given in the letter are from Fraud Help Desk.

Here’s an example of the letter (click to enlarge):

It is unknown how many of these letters have been sent. If you have received one, please let Fraud Help Desk know. Fraud Help Desk will report the matter to the police.