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Fake job ads targeting unemployed people

11 January 2019

For a number of unemployed people in the Netherlands, the new year has started off with fake job offers advertised by CBM Services. The fake ads come in the shape of scam emails or text messages supposedly sent by the government’s job agency UWV. Don’t respond: you may run the risk of getting involved in money laundering.

UWV never sends text messages to unemployed people. And why would it choose this particular British company? This is clearly a scam.

The messages are sent by fraudsters using the names of trusted organisations for money laundering purposes. They are looking for ‘money mules’, people who allow their bank accounts to be used for transfers of criminal proceeds to foreign bank accounts.

This practice has been going on for several years. Anonymous fraudsters have thus managed to clean illegally obtained funds of their dirty criminal origins and make them part of the legal economy. And every time, they are using the names of different companies or government institutions.