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Fake immigration staff put pressure on migrants

10 September 2018

Once again, reports are coming in to Fraud Help Desk from immigrants who have received cold calls from fraudsters posing as government officials. In most cases, the scammers pretend to be Ministry of Justice and Security or Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) staff.

The callers tell their victims that they need to pay for a visa or residence permit, or inform them that they are fined for a punishable offence allegedly committed in their country of origin. People are told that if they fail to comply, they will face expulsion. The amounts are substantial, running up to several thousand euros.

Fraud Help Desk has received similar reports about this type of extortion before. This time around, the migrants are told to paid mainly with iTunes gift cards.

Our advice
Have you received a telephone call from a person pretending to be government staff? Don’t let them put you under any pressure. Whatever you do, don’t pay the amount the caller is demanding. You may want to contact the IND (part of the Netherlands Ministry of Justice and Security) to verify the story, by calling 088-043 04 30.