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Fake free Efteling and Walibi tickets offered on WhatsApp

30 May 2018

Two theme parks are giving away five free tickets, according to messages currently circulating on WhatsApp. Don’t be fooled; this is a fake contest. Efteling and Walibit amusement parks have nothing to do with it.

These fake ‘giveaways’ only serve to tempt people to supply their personal details. These are collected by dubious organisations who will send the people who take part in the ‘contest’ a stream of marketing messages for various products and services they don’t want.

International symbol
The messages seem to refer to authentic Walibi and Efteling sites, but on closer inspection, you will notice that the b in the hyperlink has a dot underneath it and is therefore not a Western letter. We saw a similar trick being used in fake ‘giveaway contests’ supposedly from Nike and Rolex.

Here’s an example:

Our advice
If you have received such a message on WhatsApp, don’t fall for it. Don’t pass it on to friends, because they may also risk losing control over their personal data.