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Dutch celebrities fed up with bitcoin advertising

28 March 2019

An increasing number of Dutch celebrities have had enough of scammers hijacking their names. The con artists have linked them to allegedly successful investments in bitcoins.

In recent months, scammers have frequently presented singers, TV presenters and actors like Waylon, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Twan Huys and Ruud Feltkamp as examples of people making hugh profits by investing in the crypto currency.

Since January, dozens of people have reported these scams to Fraud Help Desk. They invested money in bitcoins “on the advice of” these Dutch celebrities on six different websites. Their losses range from one thousand euros on one website to 600,000 euros on another.

The online ads promise mega profits. They often pop up when people have invested in stocks and shares on websites. The victims followed the example of celebrities, who earned millions in a short time, as they were told.

Two national newspapers have recently covered this type of investment scam. The names hijacked at the time of writing included such celebrities as John de Mol, Joop van den Ende, Ali B, Frits Goldschmeding, Humberto Tan, Dave Roelvink and Roy Donders.

Humberto Tan and John de Mol, in particular, have tried to track down the people who crafted these scam advertisements and take them to court, but their attempts have failed.