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Don’t pay invoice from Onderwijsplanet

22 December 2014

Dutch schools are raising the alarm about an invoice from Onderwijsplanet which they have received out of the blue. The educational company says the invoices have been sent by accident, according to the Dutch association of state and public schools (VOS/ABB).

Don’t pay
The national council for secondary education (VO-raad) has advised schools not to play the bill. The owner of Onderwijsplanet, Casper Knieriem, has written to recipients telling them not to pay. Those who have transferred the money, will be reimbursed.

VOS/ABB says it always warns people to be alert for hoax emails and fake invoices. It recommends checking every invoice thoroughly and never pay when no contract has been agreed.

Onderwijsplanet presents itself as “the portal for regular and commercial education, career and personal development.” The website claims to be “a clear and simple virtual meeting point for supply and demand.”