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Don’t pay dubious invoice from ‘Exclusive Claims’

3 December 2016

Have you received an invoice from a company calling itself Exclusive Claims? If you have, you can safely bin it. This invoice is fake.

The letter tells recipients that they have failed to pay for several vouchers, including ‘Supermarkt Bon’, ‘Voucher Campaign’ or ‘Samsung4Edge’. It says you are due € 167.25. If you do not make the payment of the amount required, you will be in default and the creditor will turn over the case to a collection agency.

This invoice has been crafted by scammers. Several reports about such invoices have come in to Fraud Help Desk recently. All had the same file number. There is no information about this company about the internet, and its contact address turns out to be for rent. These are strong clues that the invoice is part of a scam.

Moreover, this Amsterdam-based company appears to have a Belgian bank account and the invoice it’s sending out is riddled with spelling errors. For example, the Dutch word for ‘comply’(‘Voldoen’) is spelled as ‘voldolen’, and ‘herinneringskosten’ has become ‘herineringskosten’.

Here are two examples of this invoice (click to enlarge):

‘Supermarkt Bon’ ‘Voucher Campaign’

 Our advice
Don’t pay this invoice. The money you will send will end up in the pockets of scammers.