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Don’t fall for scam emails from ‘’

15 August 2017

Be vigilant when you see an email from pop up in your inbox. Two scam emails from the Dutch online retailer are doing the rounds, crafted by scammers phishing for your confidential details.

The subject of one email is ‘ clearance’ [‘ ruimt op’], the other reads ‘Uw account is geblokkeerd’ [Your account has been blocked’].

Here are examples of these emails (click to enlarge):

The emails direct to a counterfeit website which looks quite credible at first glance. On closer inspection, though, the web address is found not to be secure: it doesn’t begin with the secure ‘https’. Here is a screenshot of the fake website (click to enlarge):

Our advice
Authentic emails from trustworthy companies will never ask you to ‘confirm’ or ‘verify’ your account. These are tricks used by scammers. Don’t fall for them.