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Dutch businesses hit by domain name spam

22 June 2018

Dutch businesses should beware of email messages offering quick registration of a domain name.

Unreliable providers are putting pressure on these companies to accept expensive registration. They have been cold-calling businesses over the telephone, but now they’re sending out email messages as well. They tell their victims that a third party is interested in a domain name that is very similar to the company’s domain. Now, these businesses have the ‘unique opportunity to register this domain name for ten years’.

Here’s an example of such an e-mail (click to enlarge):

False claims
The email contains a number of incorrect assertions. It refers to a ‘pre-registration priority’, which means that the owner of a certain domain has a priority right to register similar names or extensions (for example, .nl in addition to .com). Such a right does not exist.

It also talks about a mandatory ten-year period for domain name registration. This claim is also false.

Our advice
Are you considering registering an extra domain name? Then please contact your current registrar.