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Con artist in PostNL uniform steals bank cards

14 July 2017

Reports continue to come in to Dutch police about a scammer turning up on people’s doorstep and stealing their bank cards and PIN codes.

The con man reportedly rings the bell and tells his victims that they are due a small amount of money because of an earlier delivery. It’s only a few euros, he says. Other reports say that the ‘postman’ delivers a bunch of flowers and says that the recipient needs to pay the delivery charges. In most cases, the con man is dressed in a PostNL uniform.

The money can only be paid digitally, by bank card. Cash is not accepted. However, when the victim produces their debit card, the card reader doesn’t seem to work. The scammer then offers to help, takes the cash card and, without the victim noticing, quickly changes the card and gives them a different card in return. Because he has watched the victim punch in their PIN code, the scammer can now plunder their bank account.

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