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More complaints about reminders from ‘RMS’

23 January 2018


A company believed to be from the Czech Republic continues to send out reminder notifications to people in the Netherlands. The letters inform recipients of the cost of telephone calls they allegedly made to a sex line.

Most people who reported to Fraud Help Desk said they had never called the number. Nonetheless, they received the letter, followed by several reminder notifications. We warned about these letters on 10 November last year.

Our advice
If you happen to be one of the recipients and have never dialled the number referred to in the letter, then you may want to send them an email with your objections to the invoice. The email address is given in the letter. We advise you not to pay immediately. You can find an example of such a counter claim on the website of ConsuWijzer.

So far, however, counter claims appear to have had little or no effect. The company doesn’t respond to any replies and simply sends a new reminder. In one case, a recipient reported receiving multiple reminders even though the first invoice had been paid. One reason for sending a counter claim is that it will strengthen your case before a court of law, if it should ever get to that. Usually, it is advised to send a registered letter, but that seems pointless in this case: registered mail is simply returned to the victims.

If you, or anyone else in your household, actually make a call to the sex line, then the chances are that your provider has already settled the call via your subscription. This has been confirmed by people who have reported to us. It means that it’s no longer unnecessary to pay the invoice.