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Christmas emoji hoax in WhatsApp

1 November 2017

The website warns of a fake message currently distributed by users themselves. It says users can activate special Christmas emoji, the ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages.

To obtain the emoji, users must first share the message with ten other users. Don’t do this, because it will help spread the message like wildfire. The app is a chain text message.

The message looks like this:


(Source: has tried to find out what exactly is behind the app. They clicked on the link multiple times and every time they ended up on different pages. Sometimes, they could download a game and at other times, they were directed to applications in Google Play, the official platform to download apps for users of the Android operating system.

Our advice
Don’t act on this message. You will never receive any Christmas emoji. It’s a hoax. Warn any friends who are sending you this message.