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Bin fake invoices from ‘Office Software Online’

12 November 2017

You may have received an ‘invoice’ from a company calling itself Office Software Online, with the amount of € 890 on it. Put this letter where it belongs: in the shredding machine.

This is a fake invoice, an offer presented as a bill. By making it look like an invoice, the senders are hoping that staff at companies will be too busy to notice and simply proceed to pay. Don’t. There is no obligation to pay.

This particular fake invoice gives the same amount: €890, but in other such scams, the senders often put in various different amounts.

Our advice
Always be vigilant when you receive invoices. If there is one that you don’t trust, you may want to check our list of common fake invoices.

Here’s an example of the ‘invoice’ from Office Software Online: