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Beware of personalised email from ‘SNS’

15 December 2017

A scam email is doing the rounds purporting to come from ‘SNS Bank’. It’s a personalised message, containing recipients’ first and last name.

The email has another striking feature: it is supposedly sent by the local SNS bank branch in or nearest to where the recipient lives or works. Someone living in Nijmegen will receive an email with ‘SNS Bank Nijmegen’ at the bottom.

The senders of this message may have used the internet to link the name of recipients to their home address or place of work. A similar method was used in previous emails pretending to come from Rabobank or other leading Dutch banks.

The message has the same old scam story: it notifies clients to request a new bank card. The fact that the message is highly personalised lends credibility to this story.

The subject reads: ‘There is a new update for your online SNS account’.

Here’s an example (click to enlarge):

Our advice
Don’t respond to this email. SNS Bank has nothing to do with it. The sender is only after one thing: your confidential information.