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Best to ignore sex-related emails

11 April 2018

Spammers are sending out emails which refer to porn sites. In recent days, many reports about such spam emails have come in to Fraud Help Desk.

The senders don’t seem to be interested in obtaining personal data (phishing) or installing malicious software. The messages seemed to be designed only to lure people to porn sites.

There are many different variants of this type of email. What they have in common is the subject line, which usually contains an English woman’s name like Anny, Gilian, Gilly, Juliana or Ira. The body text is just a single line which is clickable. If you click on it, you will end up on a porn site. The text often has a sexual innuendo.

Another striking feature of these messages is that the recipient’s email account is shown in the sender’s field.

Our advice
Ignore this type of message. The emails reported to us all have unsolicited advertising and can therefore be classified as spam. Receiving them may be annoying, but at least these messages are not harmful.