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Complaints pouring in about fake invoice from ‘Reverso’

17 April 2018

Reports are coming in to Fraud Help Desk about an invoice coming from a (presumably) Czech company calling itself Reverso.

Recipients are infomed that they are due € 90 for dialing a telephone sex line. Virtually none of the people who reported to Fraud Help Desk said they had ever made such a call. Some of them say that they have previously received similar letters from WRS Ink. and RMS. Fraud Help Desk has published various alerts about these letters.

Missing data
One of the red flags in these letters is the lack several data which are normally shown on an authentic invoice. The company’s Chamber of Commerce and VAT numbers are missing, for example. Also absent are the sender’s full name and address. However, the letters do feature a Czech post office box number.

Here’s an example of the letter (click to enlarge):

Our advice
If you happen to be one of the recipients and have never dialled the number referred to in the letter, then you may want to send them an email with your objections to the invoice. The email address is given in the letter. We advise you not to pay immediately. You can find an example of such a counter claim on the website of ConsuWijzer.

So far, however, counter claims appear to have had little or no effect. The company doesn’t respond to any replies and simply sends a new reminder. Even people who paid have received reminder notifications.